Studio of Unconscious Music & Sine Seawave + "Like a Butoh" - Phono-Piece: Butoh Like Epilogue, Dec. 18th 2010, Kemerovo / Студия Неосознанной Музыки и Sine Seawave + "Как Буто" - Фоно-Пьеса: Как-Буто Эпилог, 18 декабря 2010, Кемерово.

Phono-Piece: Butoh Like Epilogue

The final act of "Phono-Piece" performed in "Vstrecha" theater (Kemerovo) Dec. 18th 2010.
Studio of Unconscious Music & Sine Seawave -- sound improvisation.
"Vstrecha" theater (Larisa Lapina & Sergey Sergeyev) -- butoh dancing.

[Because of the poor lighting the recording hardly allowed to discern the dancers (and the butoh itself is often described as "the dance of the obscure body" at that) -- so, instead of being normal documentation of the event, the video has been finally transfigured into some strange static object, a kind of "video-non-video".]

Alexandr Markvart - loops, electronics, guitar, objects, synth "Polivoks", block flute
Yuri Turov - loops, electronics, guitar, kalimba
Larisa Lapina & Sergey Sergeyev - butoh dancing.
Camera & edited - Max Evstropov

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