Alexander Markvart - Thread Album : Improvisations I [akt-produkt 9] (digital flac/mp3 files), 2012 / Александр Маркварт - Ниточный альбом: Импровизации I [акт-продукт 9], 2012

Thread Album is one of the object-oriented projects of Studio of Unconscious Music, where the central place is held by the prepared acoustic guitar manipulated with threads and reels. Tension, strain, pull, tone in its original meaning of «tonus» becomes here the key moment of the sound texture, and that confirms and prolongs itself in the specific sound of strings.

This release is a series of solo improvisations by Alexander Markvart (a member of the Studio) on the topic set by the Thread Album.

Improvisation I [7:52]
Improvisation II [7:08]
Improvisation III [2:35]
Improvisation IV [4:26]
Improvisation V [5:26]
Improvisation VI [4:59]
Improvisation VII [2:28]
Improvisation VIII [2:13]
Improvisation IX [2:56]
Improvisation X [5:54]
Improvisation XI [7:11]

Total time: 53:05

Alexander Markvart – prepared acoustic guitar

Record & mastering by Alexander Markvart
Design by Max Evstropov

This release is free and exists only in digital version.
Akt-Produkt, vovne, 2012
[akt-produkt 9]

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