Studio of Unconscious Music - live NO techno [akt-produkt 11, 2013] (CD-r edition of 50 copies + digital flac/mp3 files) / Студия Неосознанной Музыки – live NO techno [акт-продукт 11, 2013]

Live no-techno performance of Studio of Unconscious Music in Tomsk, Russia, 17/3/13

1. Intro 1:52
2. Giving Up My Head 6:38
3. Swelling-Sorrow 7:32
4. I Am Not The Eye 6:06
5. World Construction Corpse 9:49
6. Beasts 6:40
7. In The Circle Of The Horizon 4:34
8. Roll Across The Emptiness 6:53
9. Play With Me Forever 7:11

Studio of Unconscious Music (SUM) [Студия Неосознанной Музыки, СНМ] is a Trans-Siberian experimental formation, founded in 2005. SUM is not a music group in a usual sense of the term, but a sort of community or even free institute, the participants of which embody rather wide spectrum of music ideas under the common label – over the range from dance electronic to new improvised music and jazz-punk. It is hard to define any plain stylistic orientation in the acts of SUM – because styles themselves act there as instruments.

«Techno» is one of the subprojects of Studio of Unconscious Music, a fruit of collaboration between the founder of SUM multi-instrumentalist Alexander Markvart and the frontman of apocalyptic-improv church Sect of Phoenix Max Evstropov. «Techno»-project of SUM was first presented to public in November 2012 in the forge shop on the Karl Marx factory in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

«Techno» is practically a song program consisting of numbers with hard rhythmic base constructed from loops in real time, with dense industrial sound and insane texts on bare life, sung sometimes in several voices. Apocalyptic dance music that can be christened as no-techno by analogy with no-wave.

released 22 March 2013
Alexander Markvart: Polyvox, Korg AX3000G, digital percussion, guitar, trumpet, voice
Max Evstropov: voice, monotribe, kaosspad

Music: Alexander Markvart / Max Evstropov, except #7 – Alexander Markvart,
and #8 – Alexander Markvart / Max Evstropov / Stepan Kachalin
Words: Max Evstropov, except #7 – Alexander Markvart

Live engineering: Wadim Dicke
Recording, mastering: Alexander Markvart
Cover art, info: Max Evstropov

Akt-Produkt, vovne, 2013

[akt-produkt 11]

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