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[CDr + digital]

SIC + Ilia Belorukov - Studio [akt-produkt 20]

Intense and fruitful collaboration of Siberian improvisation formation SIC! and Saint-Petrsburg based experimental musician Ilia Belorukov began in spring of 2012, and since then they constantly interact in various projects and often perform on one stage. This disc is their 3rd common release already. The album consists of fragments of two improvisational record sessions made on May 20th and 28th 2012 at Spina!rec studio in St. Petersburg, and is the second part of Live / Studio dilogy (Live is a digital release that has also appeared on Akt-Produkt)


SIC + Edyta Fil & Ilia Belorukov - Theses 2012 [akt-produkt 13] (CD, digisleeve, edition of 200 copies + digital)

This is the second release of SIC + guests and the first CD release on Akt-Produkt. Live recording from international festival of different kinds of art "Theses 2012".


SIC + Ilia Belorukov: Live [akt-produkt 12] (digital flac/mp3 files) / SIC + Илья Белоруков: Live [акт-продукт 12]

This release is a fruit of collaboration between radical avant-garde formation Siberian Improvisation Company (SIC!) and renowned improviser from Saint-Petersburg Ilia Belorukov. This collaboration took place during their common Siberian tour in April 2012. Here’s a series of fragments from three concerts – in Yurga (Apr. 18th 2012) and Novosibirsk (Apr. 21st & 22nd 2012). Post-literature and electro-acoustic.


SIC! & ByZero - Soundcloud one track release (digital)

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