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[digital & special edition of 21 CD-r copies]

Alexander Markvart – OTTOTOO [self-release] (digital) 2013

This is self-release by Alexander Markvart with some experimental, noise, EAI content recorded at home studio during the spring of 2013. Alexander uses «thread technology» with prepared electric guitar, different manipulations with objects and no-input mixing board. This is a free improvisation.


Alexander Markvart - Thread Album : Improvisations I [akt-produkt 9] (digital flac/mp3 files), 2012 / Александр Маркварт - Ниточный альбом: Импровизации I [акт-продукт 9], 2012

Alexander Markvart – prepared acoustic guitar
Record & mastering by Alexander Markvart
Design by Max Evstropov

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