Gaudenz Badrutt, Ilia Belorukov, Alexander Markvart - Affinités Sélectives Volume 1 (Rhizome.s # 22) [CDr + digital]

Rhizome.s # 22
released May 17, 2018

Back Feeder I II III IV :

Gaudenz Badrutt: acoustic sound sources, livesampling
Ilia Belorukov: alto saxophone, electronics, field recordings, samples
Alexander Markvart: prepared acoustic guitar, guitar combo, objects

Recorded on 28 March 2016 at Espace Libre, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ilia Belorukov

Gezeugt :

Quentin Conrate: percussion
Matthieu Lebrun: alto saxophone & electronics
Laure-Anne Pudbut: tapes & electroacoustic devices
Fréderic Tentelier: organ & electroacoustic devices

Recorded live at Le Non Lieu, Roubaix, France

Review  by Paul Khimasia Morgan

affinities selectives
volume 1
PORTUGAL   Rhizome.s # 22  cd-r  2018

"Two live recordings on this disc.  The first four tracks are from a session featuring Gaudenz Badrutt, Ilia Belorukov and Alexander Markvart titled “back-feeder i-iv”.  The beginning of this is brilliant – it is mastered brutally loud so that you don’t miss a single decibel of the abrasive feedback artefacts on offer; the kind of abrasive feedback artefacts usually found in an inexperienced teenaged bands’ rehearsal space between songs.  However, if you’re a fan of, say, Seth Cooke’s process works or Henrik Rylander’s feedback obsessions, you are in for a treat.
Aside from a dash of radio, the sounds are characterized by commonly-perceived “mistakes” and “errors” in standard methods of sound reproduction.  Pops, static, blasts of electrical noise, stirrups, jumps, clones, piaffes, contact, no-contact, engagement, flying change, half-pass, leg yield, on and back, piaffe, pirouette, shoulder fore, shoulder in, travers, turn-on-the-forehand and so forth, and in abundance.
For the detail-obsessed among us, Gaudenz Badrutt is credited with “acoustic sound sources” and live sampling; Ilia Belorukov alto saxophone, electronics, field recordings and samples and Alexander Markvart on prepared acoustic guitar, guitar combo and objects.  Recorded march 2016 at espace libre, biel/bienne, Switzerland.
Track five is a piece called “gezeugt” or “Begotten”; recorded at Le Non Lieu in Roubaix, France; this group comprises Quentin Conrate on percussion, Matthieu le Brun on alto saxophone and electronics, Anne-Laure Pudbut on tapes and electroacoustic devices and Frédéric Tentelier on organ and electroacoustic devices.  This second grouping produces one single piece of music of a kind of desiccated drone; it sheds its dried outer layers of sound like an aural confetti.  Most pleasant, and a good complement to “back-feeder i-iv”."

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